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Jordan Vecchio (JV&CO) At farmers Market

My Story... Thus Far!

My name is Jordan Vecchio; I am a recent high school graduate in Ottawa, Canada's Capital city. Starting and running a successful business was something that has been a dream of mine for many years. This dream came to fruition when I was in my grade 12 years of high school. I became involved with the Junior Achievement, and with my grade 12 business class, I became a product founder for our company. After our school year ended, I decided to take the company that I helped build and start my own company JV&CO. I started the company by selling Cactus arrangements at farmers markets in my hometown of Ottawa were people loved my products. However, I want to expand my business, so I have decided to expand into the homeware market. I have meticulously chosen all of these products to sell under the JV&CO brand. The items for sale on my website; I believe, fit with a modern home aesthetic. I hope you all enjoy the JV&CO experience; I wish you all the best, and I hope you all will continue to fallow my business in the future.